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Case Study: Pay-Per-Click Optimization


Using Search Engine Optimization results we help our client in building up successful Pay-Per-Click adword campaigns, and drove a 15% increase in revenue within a short period.  By optimizing PPC spend against projected Customer Lifetime Value, we enabled the customer to create a more efficient and cost effective method for acquiring new customers.


An online niche insurer offering a specialized insurance product through online sales wishes to grow its customer base.


Using the analytics tools provided by search engines, we built a database of search terms used by users to find their website. We then used standard text processing and natural language processing tools to construct a number of internet search adword campaigns. Combining the outputs of these campaigns with Customer Lifetime Value projections, we optimised the client's Pay-Per-Click ad spend.


  • A better understanding of search terms used when searching for site.
  • Broader coverage of brand on web channels.
  • Less uncertainty in advertising spend
  • Ad Spend is optimized against projected revenue.
  • Reduced need for manual management of Pay-Per-Click campaigns


  • 15% increase in revenue from new acquisitions within a few weeks
  • Expanded reach of product offering
  • Lower overhead in management of Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Lower uncertainty in effectiveness in marketing spend


  • Google Analytics
  • R and SQL
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Google Bigquery


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Michael Crawford, Peter Brennan

  • Michael Crawford

    Michael Crawford

    Michael trained as an actuary but has always worked in IT. He is responsible for providing, project management, data-driven insights, machine learning and AI advice to our financial services clients.

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  • Peter Brennan

    Peter Brennan

    Peter a chemist by training, has a PhD in photophysics, an MSc in Data Mining, an MSc in Distributed Computing and has developed machine learning / AI anti-fraud solutions for insurance companies.

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    Peter Brennan
Case Study: Pay-Per-Click Optimization

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