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Agrippa Data Consulting - Welcome

Welcome to our new blog, it's great to have you :)

Agrippa has one goal

To help our clients make money from data. Data is everywhere, companies collect and retain a lot of it and the universe of external data sources is growing all the time. But, in truth, the full value of this data is not realised.  

At Agrippa Data Consulting we use our technical, regulatory and business acumen to ensure our clients make the best use of data.

How do we do this?

The founders of Agrippa are actuaries and data scientists with decades of experience in financial services, data analytics, machine learning, statistics and information technology. This combination of domain expertise, computer science and statistics can have a powerful effect when applied to your business.

So how can we help you?

We concentrate on doing three things well:

  • Develop your Strategy
    What to do before you start. Having a well constructed strategy will save you time, money and pain. Embedding data analytics in your business strategy will maximise its impact.

  • Data Analytics
    We help get your data into shape and then train, build and deploy models that provide new insights into your business.

  • Training and Talent Selection
    We train your staff in data analytics tools and techniques and help you find and select your team.

Check out some of our case studies here.

What to expect?

Over the coming months we are going to write regularly about how to make the best use of data science and technology to improve your business.

Get in touch info@agrippadataconsulting.com

This post was a collaboration between

Mick Cooney, Michael Crawford, Gerard de Vere

  • Mick Cooney

    Mick Cooney

    Mick is a theoretical physicist with a MSc in high performance computing and a PhD in quantitative finance. He runs a couple of data science meetups, is an expert in the use of R and is a Bayesian.

    More posts by Mick Cooney.

    Mick Cooney
  • Michael Crawford

    Michael Crawford

    Michael trained as an actuary but has always worked in IT. He is responsible for providing, project management, data-driven insights, machine learning and AI advice to our financial services clients.

    More posts by Michael Crawford.

    Michael Crawford
  • Gerard de Vere

    Gerard de Vere

    Gerard has many years’ experience building and managing technology platforms for global re/insurance companies. He combines a passion for technology with a pragmatic approach to getting results.

    More posts by Gerard de Vere.

    Gerard de Vere
Agrippa Data Consulting - Welcome

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